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Not your typical accounting nerds

Most clients have been vastly underwhelmed by their accountant. We strive to redefine your perspective of accountants by providing a refreshing, individual, business experience aligned with your goals and vision. We have fewer clients so we can serve each one deeper. We elevate ourselves, our thinking, and services to look holistically at your business and create a long-term positive impact.

Building a Non-traditional Accounting Firm

One of the biggest things that makes us different from the traditional accounting firm is our people.  We see our team members and the accounting services they provide differently. 

What do we mean by that?  We hire proactive accounting professionals who demonstrate growth and vision in both their professional and personal lives. We get that you may not like or even understand accounting, but our team does and they rock at it!

They live in a world of creation, with a higher vision of what is possible. That’s because without a higher vision, it’s nearly impossible to break out of the box that has trapped the traditional accountant doing the same things they’ve done for decades, and as a result, underwhelming clients. 

So, we’ve forged a new path. 

  • We listen to and respond to our clients
  • We know you and are known by you
  • We realize it is a lofty goal to change your perception of your accounting team  
  • Ultimately, our actions will demonstrate whether or not we’re succeeding for you

With our efforts, we acknowledge there are “traditions” we may struggle to break free from in both ourselves and our professional efforts. But because we see accounting differently, we’re committed to becoming a new breed of accountant who each day becomes better…for you. 

The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Tanner Adams, CPA, CVA


Lynsey Jeppeson

Firm Adminstrator

Scarlette Long

Executive Assistant

Danielle Scott

Senior Accountant

Jesi Anae

Senior Accountant

Susie Madsen-Green


Allison Forbush

Accounting Manager

Donald Winkler, CPA

Tax Manager

Dennis Siebenhaar, CPA

Tax Manager

Kent Reynolds, CPA

Tax Manager/Accounting Manager

Deb Bell

Staff Accountant

Joshua Shetlin

Staff Accountant

Nicole Luck, CPA

Tax Accountant

Ashlee Graham

Executive Assistant


Honorary Team Member

Audrey Post

Staff Accountant

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