Are you tired of the "traditional" accountant experience?
Do you want your accountant to play a bigger role than a historian or just file your tax return? Wouldn't it be nice if your accountant could support you throughout the year when you're ready to make decisions rather than being unavailable or not interested?
Redefining what an accountant can do for you
How could you benefit from having a team who takes a proactive approach to improving both your business finances and your tax situation? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a business advisor who answers your questions and can lead your thinking to truly impact your business? That is what we do.

Built in Response to what clients desire

MTA Consulting was created because of what wasn’t working in the accounting industry.

Tanner Adams started MTA Consulting to not be another assembly line that cranked out tax returns for 5 months a year.  After working for large CPA firms, only talking to clients once per year in tax season, he knew there was something missing.

He had a large client list, but little to no personal relationships or interactions with them. The work was reactive. Clients had requests and questions, but when they shared them, their books were a mess making it a struggle to serve them, causing months of delays.  The focus was on returns vs. people, deadlines vs. dreams, cleaning up a mess vs. creating long-term solutions. The model wasn’t serving client or accountant well.

So, MTA was born.  A referral only accounting services and consulting company with fewer clients and more impactful services.  MTA is designed to be a partner in your business, to have multiple interactions throughout the year. One main goal is to alleviate the pain points experience by both client and accountant, so we to be proactive vs reactive.  

We’ve often said we don’t have competitors, because we’re really competing with ourselves to constantly improve and deliver more value to our clients.  What can we do for you?

What can we do for you?

Some of Our Services

Tax Planning and Preparation

Your taxes liability isn’t just a number you figure out after the year is over.

Accounting Services

Relieve yourself of the headache of keeping up on your own books.

Business Counsulting

You likely got into business to make an impact, not get sucked into your accounting and tax compliance.

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